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What we offer

MODICA has an in-depth understanding of doing business in the Middle East and can help clients by opening doors which are often inaccessible to visiting businessmen. We fulfil our role confidentially and permit clients to remain anonymous.


MODICA offers a range of services tailored to suit each individual client. These include the following:


  • Identifying and establishing distributor and partnership networks across the MENA region

  • Area Management Services

  • Business and Sales Development

  • Market Research and Strategic Consultancy Services

  • Project Management


Distributor Search

Implementing an appropriate distribution strategy and selecting the ideal partner on the ground is one of the most important success factors when entering a new market.


MODICA has developed a broad network of key contacts and the best possible local distributors across the region. Our local partners understand the product sector and enjoy good relationships with the trade. MODICA has worked closely with these partners for many years, providing support and monitoring distribution progress, competitor activity, inventory levels and new product opportunities. MODICA’s network of contacts include:


  • Local Partners

  • Local Distributors

  • Government officials

  • End users

Local Manufacturing

Local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment is an option for companies looking to produce in the region. MODICA can help clients to identify suitable local manufacturers and assist in registering the final product.

Area Management

Following the establishment of a distribution network we offer the option to effectively handle the full Area Management for our clients. This involves working closely with local partners to set sales targets and developing and implementing strategies to reach these targets, as well as monitoring competitor activity.


Being located in the Middle East MODICA is ideally positioned to swiftly manage our client’s interests, and regular visits to distributors in all countries are conducted in order to ensure close and professional cooperation with our partners. 

Market Research

MODICA conducts thorough market research for specific client needs. These reports can focus on the entire region as well as individual markets, and are often conducted in preparation for a client’s entry into the regional market. 

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